‘Orphan Black’s’ Jordan Gavaris On Felix Finding Love And Not Being Desexualized In Season 2

by | April 16, 2014 at 8:54 AM | LGBT, Orphan Black

Tatiana Malsany & Jordan Gavaris (BBC America)

While much of the buzz on the first season of BBC America’s “Orphan Blackwas on star Tatiana Malsany’s breakout role playing multiple characters who happen to be part of a cloning project, there was also an equal amount of buzz for Jordan Gavaris, who brought such pizzazz, sass and fabulousness as the gay BFF everyone wished they had, Felix.

As crazy as the life of Malsany’s Sarah became, Felix was always by her side the entire time doing everything in his power to help but also to do what BFFs do best – shake you and make you stop and think about the insane situation you’ve gotten yourself in.

As the second season gets under way on Saturday, watch for the continued adventures as Sarah and her clones dive deeper into their origins and what kind of future they might have (if they’re not killed first). As for Felix, he’ll probably always be able to take care of himself and Sarah but will he be able to let down his tough exterior and actually find love this season? Maybe…

At Saturday’s GLAAD Media Awards, I grabbed a few minutes with the charming Gavaris on the red carpet to ask about the roller coaster he’s been on since “Orphan Black” premiered last year and whether lust or love is more likely to find Felix in the new episodes.

“Orphan Black” airs Saturdays at 9pm on BBC America.

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