EXCLUSIVE: Barbara Mori Talks About Her Big Return To TV in ‘Dos Lunas’

Bárbara Mori stars as Soledad and Luna in "Dos Lunas" (Photo: Mundo Fox)

After a nine year hiatus, Uruguayan-Mexican actress Bárbara Mori is ready to make a return to the small screen in the Mundo Fox drama “Dos Lunas.” The new original drama, airing Saturdays at 10pm/9c, follows Soledad Garcia, a woman trying to cope with her split personality disorder sparked by a tormented past. Mori will not only play the roles of Soledad and her split personality Luna, but she also served as producer of the series.

We caught up with Mori to discuss why she chose this project as her comeback, how she relates to the characters Soledad and Luna, and her journey to get the show made and serve as producer.

What was it that first attracted you to the story “Dos Lunas” that helped convince you to return to television?

“I always knew that when I did decide to return it would be to do a project with a message, because I had things I wanted to say. I took a break because I wanted to know who I was beyond being this famous actress with all these expectations that people had of me. What did I want for myself? What did Barbara, the woman want? The search for these answers took me on a beautiful journey of self discovery where I learned a lot and this is something that I wanted to reflect in my next project.”

Tell us about the dual characters you are playing, Soledad and Luna.

“Soledad is a psychologist who dedicates her life to helping out people struggling day-to-day with their pathologies while, at the same time, she’s struggling with her own. Her split personality Luna, who only comes out at night, is a DJ and a total seductress. Her goal is to destroy all the good that Soledad does by day and she also explores everything repressed by Soledad including her sexuality. The series really delves into the duality that lives inside all of us, who we are as human beings, and what are the things that we truly want.”

Do you see a little bit of yourself in either character?

“The characteristics I relate to with Soledad are her devotion to helping others and how much she loves what she does. Also she’s very intuitive and I feel like my intuition has been instrumental in helping me get to where I am today. I identify with her selflessness and her desire to heal her own wounds.

The character of Luna comes from my dark side. She’s daring and isn’t afraid to take risks. Even her seductive ways live inside me! I’m excited to play both sides of this character.”

You also serve as producer on the series. How much involvement did you have behind the scenes?

“As I mentioned, I was very specific about the type of project I wanted to take on when I would make my return. I really wanted to come back with a show like this, that has a message. So I connected with Juan Manuel Borbolla and Sergio Guerrero, who also served as director of the series, and we created this project based on a lot of the experiences I lived through. Once we finalized our ideas we hired Natassja Ybarra, who is an incredible writer, and she came up with an amazing story around our idea. We then took it all to Epigmenio Ibarra because I really admire the work he does and the risks he likes to take. I thought this would be a fantastic project for us to produce together. After Mundo Fox showed interest in bringing this story to the small screen, I was elated that my dream of creating this series the way we wanted to tell it, was coming true. I feel extremely blessed and beyond grateful that it all worked out.”

You get to work with the very handsome Leonardo Sbaraglia. What has it been like collaborating with him?

Leonardo Sbaraglia is an extremely talented actor who is passionate about the work that he does. He’s a wonderful human being who has always, always, always, taught me something new. This is the second time I work with him. The first time we collaborated was on the film “Amor, Dolor, y Vice Versa,” and during the shooting I learned so much from him. That’s the reason I was anxious to work with him again. When I play a role, I want to learn and evolve as an actor. Working alongside such a huge talent like him, there’s always an opportunity to not only grow as an actor but also as a person.”

Years ago you worked with Manolo Cardona on the film,”La Mujer de Mi Hermano.” He’s been showing up in American TV shows including “Reign” and “Covert Affairs.” What was it like working with him?

“At the time that I worked with Manolito on the film, we were dating. So it was a lot of fun working with him on such a great project. It was actually the second film I ever did and everyone on the cast really had a great time.”

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