Aaron Ashmore Reveals Jinks’ Flamboyant Side In Tonight’s ‘Warehouse 13’

Aaron Ashmore as Steve Jinks in 'Warehouse 13' (SyFy)

Warehouse 13 may be wrapping up its five seasons on SyFy but it will always be known for doing something most sci-fi series (and some films) have a hard time with – making us laugh.

The series has its share of demons and frights but always with a tone of lightness and fun that has served it well to the very end.

Case in point, in tonight’s episode, “Savage Seduction,” we find Pete (Eddie McClintock) and Myka (Joanne Kelly) in a Telenovela while Jinks (Aaron Ashmore) and Claudia (Allison Scagliotti) have to deal with, well, two Jinks when the gay ATF agent is split in two…and his alt-side is as gay as the day is long.

TheBacklot.com featured an exclusive clip last week of the fun episode and I grabbed some time with Ashmore about the end of the series and, also, how he was able to go ‘super gay’ with playing the other side of Jinks in tonight’s episode

The cool thing about Jinks is that he was never only defined by being gay. Can you talk about that being a part of the show and the sci-fi world?

Aaron Ashford: The other characters on the show, their sexuality didn’t define everything about them. I mean, it’s a piece of this person and it’s a piece of their personality and who they are. We address some of that a little bit but really it was about being part of the team and just like everybody else…I think that that was the neat thing that they just incorporated Jinks in and it was a part of who he was. I was really, really happy with the way they developed the character, and to get to play an interesting gay character, it was a lot of fun.

In the “Secret Services” episode this season, Jinks says he doesn’t watch the Oscars and doesn’t want to be a gay cliché but in “Savage Seduction” it’s fun to see him split off to a pretty clichéd version of a gay guy.

AA: I think that whole idea of Jinks being split off into two separate cyborgs…because I have a twin. I have a twin. My brother, Shawn, is also an actor (Shawn Ashmore is a regular on ‘The Following’) and I think that they saw it as, well, what a great way to maybe incorporate the fact that I have a twin into an episode, and it’s a really cool idea.

Unfortunately, Shawn was unavailable at the time we were shooting so he couldn’t do it. So, I got to play both sides of Jinks, which was a challenge as an actor, because it’s really difficult to play against yourself like that, and you kind of try to make two very distinct characters, which was difficult too. You kind of feel like you have to go to the extremes, but I had a lot of fun doing it, and I think it’s interesting, and I think it will give fans a little insight into, yeah, maybe Jinks has a more flamboyant side that we don’t really get to see, because a lot of time he is very sort of reserved and serious, but I think that there is a little bit of a queen there in Jinks.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/watch/Warehouse-13/5313191522177988112/240564803986/Sneak-Peek%3A-Savage-Seduction/embed 580 476]

I loved it, and you actually got to fight yourself, which is kind of crazy.

AA: It was very crazy. It was really difficult, too, because we would shoot one side of it and literally have wardrobe differences. I think my shirt’s untucked and unbuttoned at the top. So I’d do that, and then I’ll slip around the other side and have to shoot that side, and so it was very chaotic, in a sense, trying to do it, trying to keep track of what movements do I have to do but I’m really looking forward to seeing it, actually, and seeing how it all plays out.

And I just love the little barbs that even Claudia throws in, like referring to the other side of Steve as the evil twin sister. I think we’ve always wanted to see you play that side of Steve.

AA: I think Allison had the most fun, even more so than me for that episode. I think she was just in heaven watching me doing all that stuff. We had a blast.

In terms of the end of the series, what do you think of happily ever afters for our characters? Do you think we can be hopeful that there’ll be happily ever afters for our cast?

AA: Absolutely. I mean, I think the beauty of the way that the show is wrapping up and the beauty of our showrunner, Jack Kenny, is that he loves these characters, and respects these characters more than anyone, and so he sends all the characters off in amazing ways, and I don’t really feel like this is giving too much away, but, I mean, the ending episode is not about saving the world. It’s really about sending these characters off.

I think there are all very interesting futures for all the characters, and we get to see those things a little bit. I was never sure of how they were going to wrap up the show, but when I read the last script, I just thought that was the perfect way to send off the show, the characters, and I think the fans are going to really, really enjoy this.

Aaron Ashmore & Allison Scagliotti (SyFy)

That’s great, and between this show and Smallville, you’ve been a part of two shows that just have big fan bases. I think the sci-fi world just kind of brings that in. I feel like everything you do from here on in, people are always going to kind of look back at that. Are you okay with that?

AA: Yeah. I mean, I actually really look forward to that. Both of those characters that I got to play, I feel very fortunate in playing. I mean, Jimmy Olsen was incredibly iconic so to be able to step into those shoes for a couple years was awesome and I love Jinks. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten more love from playing a character than I have from playing Jinks. I’d love to continue to work in the sci-fi field. There’s just a lot of work out there in that genre right now. So, I am constantly going after that stuff, but also, the thing is sort of, if you need to do more of conventional TV, or film, or whatever, that’s what we’ll do and if those people continue to follow you’re career based on the fact that I started out doing a lot of sci-fi, that’s great. I would love that.

What are you working on now? I know you’re shooting a movie. What are you up to?

AA: Just finished a pilot called ‘Agatha’ for ABC, which is sort of a procedural cop drama, and just waiting to hear if that’s going to go, and I’m shooting sort of a psychological thriller called ‘Regression’ in Toronto starring Ethan Hawke and Emma Watson. So, you know, when you finish your show, you’re kind of like, “Am I ever going to work again? When am I going to work?” So, you sit around for a while, and you wait for the opportunity to come, and if you stick with it, they eventually do. So, everything’s good.

In general going back to ‘Warehouse 13,’ as you and your cast mates were shooting those last episodes, was there a different feeling, just because you’re thinking ‘this is the last time we might do this, or that?’

Aaron Ashmore: Yeah. It was really difficult, but of course, just the group of people that we were working with, it was also a lot of fun, but the most difficult thing, I think, for me, was seeing the sets taken apart. That’s what really sort of clicked into me that, wow, this is really ending because the Warehouse is such a character and as it slowly started to get dismantled, the sets and I think, in particular, Artie’s office. It really sank in that, yeah, this is ending. We’re not going to be able to come back here and do this. So it was difficult, and every season when you do the show though, you’re never sure if you’re coming back. Usually you last a season, and you still don’t know for sure if you’re going to come back. So there’s always a little bit of that, but yeah, there was definitely some finality to this. It was difficult.

“Warehouse 13” airs Mondays at 9pm on SyFy.

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The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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