‘English Vinglish’ – A Conversation with Actress Sridevi

"English Vinglish." (Bollywood Hits on Demand)

By Ritu Mediratta

English Vinglish” has everything a good Bollywood movie needs, from comedy to romance, all handled with a maturity and grace. The film also marks leading actress Sridevi‘s remarkable return to Bollywood after a fifteen year absence, showcasing why she was, and still is, one of the iconic females ever to grace the screens of Indian Cinema. Her performance as Shashi, a traditional Indian housewife, who enrolls in an English course to the chagrin of her family and improbably enters a whole new world through a trip to New York, is impeccable.

The debut writer-director Gauri Shinde modeled the character of Shashi on her mother and has created an indelible individual, caught in a linguistic inner turmoil, but determined to find her own way. This film is a definite must watch –  it is Bollywood’s finest movie of 2013, and also features a cameo from the living legend himself, actor Amitabh Bachchan.

Xfinity had an opportunity to catch up with actress Sridevi at the IIFA awards that were recently held in Tampa, Fl.

Why did you choose this movie as your comeback movie after fifteen years? What was it about your character, Shashi, that you connected with when you first heard the script of English Vinglish?” How do you feel about the amazing reaction that this movie has received from the fans?

S:  As soon as I read the script I felt, this is it! I loved the script! As a woman, as a wife, I could completely relate to her character. I was overwhelmed and extremely moved by the response and love I received after the premiere of this movie. It was a great and memorable moment for me!

Did you experience any challenges coming back after 15 years?

S: I felt completely comfortable coming back. Acting is like cycling, something you never forget.  Also being married to Boney Kapoor, I was able to stay in touch with the Bollywood scene.

What is the one thing that you want your fans, especially women to learn from this movie and also why should your fans watch this movie?

S: Well, everybody has insecurities. After seeing this film you should definitely feel good about the character Shashi and feel proud of her accomplishments. “English Vinglish” is simple and that’s why people like this movie.  There is no melodrama.   All my fans should watch this movie. It’s a feel good movie.

Which recent actress has impressed you lately with her work?

S: Deepika Padukone , she is a very dignified actress and I really enjoyed her recent work.


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