TV to Si: Catherine Conducts a Study on Music on ‘Black Box,’ Daniel Is Kidnapped on ‘Gang Related’

by | July 3, 2014 at 4:15 PM | Black Box, Gang Related, Latino Entertainment News, NY Med

Jay Hernandez, Erik Daniel Cruz, & Amaury Nolasco on "Gang Related" (Photo: FOX)

Are most of you already celebrating the long Fourth of July weekend? With only hours standing between you and quitting time, I wanted to get a few things on your radar to watch tonight ahead of the festivities.

ABC is airing an all new episode of “Black Box” at 8pm. In the episode entitled “Sing Like Me,” Catherine (Kelly Reilly) conducts a study on music, which includes a patient who’s developed a pitch problem and a man who’s acquired savant syndrome. Meanwhile, someone unexpected is sought to help a musician with tremors; and Dr. Bickman (Ditch Davey) makes a surprising proposal.

Are you guys as hooked on “Gang Related” as I am? Tonight at 9pm, FOX will air the episode entitled, “Regreso Del Infierno.” Daniel’s (Jay Hernandez) kidnapped and held hostage by a rival gang, so Ryan (Ramon Rodriguez) plots to steal the confiscated cocaine in an attempt to free him.

Ryan is always getting himself into all kinds of situations! He makes me nervous, so I can’t even imagine what it’s like for Ramon on each episode. Side note: Can they hire Amaury Nolasco to stay on permanently?

At 10pm, I’ll be heading back to ABC to watch a new episode of “NY Med.” Tonight, an ER doctor treats a couple who were the victims of a violent home invasion; a former Wall Street banker reflects on changing her career to medicine; a Marine recalls his service and describes his deteriorating physical condition.

Did you guys know that Cameron Diaz is looking smoking hot on the cover of Esquire Magazine? Find out what she had to say in the mag below:

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