12 Bloggers Worth Following

by | July 9, 2014 at 11:27 AM | Black Entertainment, Can't Stop Watching

This year’s Blogging While Brown conference, held on June 27 and 28 in New York City,  experienced its highest attendance since it began in 2008. Founder and creative director Gina McCauley is excited about the progress and has already began planning for next year’s event, which will be in her hometown, Austin, Texas. A successful conference is nothing without great participants who provide expert advice on topics most important to bloggers of color. Here are 12 bloggers–all participants in this year’s conference–that are worth following.

1. Alfred Edmond Jr.
Senior Vice President and Chief Content Officer at Black Enterprise
Twitter: @AlfredEdmondJr

2. Elisa Camahort Page
Co-founder of BlogHer
Twitter: @ElisaC

3.Chip Dizárd
Media Instructor at Digital Harbor High School
Twitter: @chipdizard

4. Sarah J. Glover
Social Media Editor at NBC10 Philadelphia
Twitter: @skyphoto

5. Michael Scott Jones
Director of Multimedia at Interactive One
Twitter: @HelloBeautiful

6. Arsha Jones
Owner of BrandSellBuild
Twitter: @brandbuildsell

7. Gina McCauley
Founder and creative director of Blogging While Brown

8. Sarah Milstein
Owner of Lean Startup Productions
Twitter: @SarahM

9. Jacque Reid
TV and Radio Journalist, blogger at SingleandLivingFab.com
Twitter: @jacquereid

10. Markus Robinson
Co-founder of Black Web Media (Flagship site Black Web 2.0)
Twitter: @markusrobinson

11. Lamar Tyler
Co-founder of BlackandMarriedwithKids.com
Twitter: @LamarTyler

12. Ronnie Tyler
Co-founder of BlackandMarriedwithKids.com
Twitter: @RonnieTyler

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