EXCLUSIVE: Kenia Ontiveros Gets Serious with Larry Hernandez About Indiscretions on ‘Larrymania’

by | July 12, 2014 at 8:55 AM | Larrymania, Latino Entertainment News, Xfinity Latino Entertainment News, Xfinity TV Latino

Larry Hernandez and Kenia Ontiveros on 'Larrymania' (Photo: mun2)

Things are heating up on “Larrymania,” and it won’t be a good thing for the Hernandez family. In this exclusive clip from Mun2, you get your first look at the exchange between Larry Hernandez and Kenia Ontiveros from Sunday’s episode entitled, “Mini Honeymoon in Mazatlan.”

Larry admits that he becomes a different person after he drinks, but Kenia doesn’t even want to have the discussion. She just wants the father of her two daughters to get dressed so they can have a nice night on the town. Before either knew it, Larry was throwing himself under the bridge mentioning possible past indiscretions.

Check out the clip below to see how it all played out. Don’t forget to watch all new episodes of the hit reality tv series, Sundays at 9 pm EST/ 8 pm CST on mun2.