TV to Si: Murder Comes to Visit on ‘Major Crimes,’ Caroline is Queen Bee on ‘Ladies of London’

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Caroline Stanbury on "Ladies of London" (Photo: BRAVO)

The World Cup is over and with Germany as the winner, we can now get back to our regular lives and our regularly scheduled programming. Tonight at 8pm, head on over to FOX to watch a new episode of “MasterChef.” The remaining 14 chefs prepare classic American fare for customers at Dinah’s, a busy diner in Los Angeles. The losing team face a pressure test in which they must prepare an elaborate three-layer red-velvet cake.

TNT will air a new episode of “Major Crimes” at 9pm entitled, “Jane Doe #38.” A young runaway is murdered, leading the unit on a long, perplexing odyssey to find her killer and discover her identity. Elsewhere, Raydor (Mary McDonnell) reaches out to her husband (Tom Berenger) to discuss a big proposition involving Rusty (Graham Patrick Martin).

Grab a cuppa tea at 10pm to watch “Ladies of London” on BRAVO. In “I’ve Been to London to Visit the Queen” Annabelle falls victim to a horse-training accident. Bedridden, she tries to play peacemaker to the feuding Caprice and Caroline. Meanwhile, Caroline hosts a dinner party, where Caprice arrives late and very big news is shared.

I’m so over Caprice that I hope Annabelle’s efforts don’t work out. Caroline is the queen bee. Everyone but Caprice agrees, so let her fall into line and stop trying to lead the pack. #byefelicia

If you didn’t watch last weeks episode, check it out below:

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