The Blend: Comic Con, ‘Hit The Floor’ Has Dudes Kissing And Nathan Lane Talks Str8 Actors Playing Gay

Started my first Comic Con day off with 'Teen Wolf' stars Tyler Hoechlin and Tyler Posey.

San Diego Comic Con 2014:  I always liken the annual Comic Con event in San Diego as ‘Christmas for Nerds’ and I mean that as a compliment. I’m here for the weekend of celebrating comics, film and television and, this being my fifth year attending, it’s truly never boring. Yes, there are lots of crowds and it’s summer so the temperatures are high but the enthusiasm of both the crowd and the talent attending to promote their projects is infectious. Case in point, I sat down with “Teen Wolf” hotties Tyler Posey and Tyler Hoechlin this morning for an interview and they’re as excited as ever to be here. (Their characters/storylines are not necessarily gay-centric but watch upcoming episodes as new gay character, Mason (Khylin Rambo), gets more involved with the happenings in Beacon Hills.)

Gay Comic Book Characters To TV…or not?:  Speaking of comic books, in case you missed my post from earlier this week, gay characters have been a part of comic books for some time but what happens when the comics are adapted to television series?  ‘Arrow” and  its upcoming spin-off “The Flash” have showrunners like DC Comics’ Chief Executive Officer Geoff Johns and out executive producer Greg Berlanti who told me recently that they’ll definitely have gay characters in their shows, NBC’s upcoming ‘Constantine” has declared before the show has even hit the air that the titular character may have been bisexual in the comics but that won’t be explored in the series. Read more of my interview with Johns and Berlanti here.

GLAAD’s 2nd Annual Movie Report: GLAAD released it’s latest report looking at the LGBT representation with the seven major film studios and, well, the news ain’t good. Wilson Cruz, national spokesperson and cast member of the upcoming series “Red Band Society” told me, reporting for TheBacklot, “It’s 2014 and the information that the world is getting from our biggest export, which is entertainment, is that the LGBT community is just a bunch of white guys. And that’s not who we are. We are lesbians, we are bisexual, we are transgender, we are people of color.” Read more about the report results and what Cruz had to say.

Emily Rios at a recent event for 'The Bridge' at the Paley Center For Media (Paley Center)

The Bridge:” My pals over at talked with actress Emily Rios, who is playing a gay character on the show and talked about how she worked with the writers to get things right as well as who she’d like to see play future love interests. Check out the rest of her chat with AfterEllen’s Trish Bendix.

Hit The Floor:” If you didn’t have a reason to watch the VH1 soapy drama set in the world of NBA cheerleaders and basketball, you do now. Sports agent Jude (Brent Antonello) locked lips with pro basketball player – and supposedly hetero – Zero (Adam Senn) and then  Scott Evans (brother to Chris) shows up as a photographer’s assistant and makes it clear to Jude that he’s interested and then Jude and Zero are alone and…well, TheBacklot has an excellent recap (with a slew of screen grabs) that will give you the idea of why this may the show to add to your DVR.

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Nathan Lane, speaking at the PBS days of the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour, said that straight actors can play gay roles just fine. “”We just had ‘The Normal Heart‘ (with) Mark Ruffalo, fantastic job,” Lane said of the straight actor who played a gay man in HBO’s recent adaptation. Lane, who is gay, was promoting his upcoming PBS presentation of his starring role in the play, “The Nance.” Read more on Huffington Post’s Gay Voices page.

NLGJA Awards The Advocate: Two of the voices over at The Advocate are taking home awards by the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association. Congrats to managing editor Michelle Garcia and news director Sunnivie Brydum! Read more at The Advocate. 

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The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.
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