‘Big Brother’ Power Rankings – Ready For Double Eviction Edition

Will Nicole have the last laugh this week? (CBS)

The Rules: Each week our two combatants will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the two players will earn. For example, if Donny is voted out this week, Rachel will receive 3 points and Team XFINITY will receive 6 points. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the “Big Brother” Power Rankings Challenge Champion!

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Last Week: Rachel and Gordon both had Brittany in spot thirteen. So, the current score is Team Rachel 55, Team Gordon 54.

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Quick Note: “Big Brother” is always going on. These Rankings were handed in Monday.

Another Quick Note: XFINITY TV’s “Big Brother” expert Brian Gianelli is pinch hitting for Gordon this week.

Rachel’s Score = 55

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Team XFINITY’s Score = 54

Any advice for Brian? Drop him a line on Twitter: @bgianelli

 1. Nicole – As Reigning HOH, Nicole is safest this week! AND FINALLY A GIRL IN POWER and not a bomb squad/detonator/ boys alliance member! Nicole wants to make a big move – WORK IT GIRL PLEASE  – somebody in this game needs to make a big move!
  1. Nicole – I love this girl! I could listen to her talk all day – that accent! As the HOH in power this week, Nicole is safe as can be.  Hopefully she makes some deals that keep her safe beyond her reign.  I’m still LOLing over her last time as HOH when she asked “Where’s Pao Pao when you need her”? when she was struggling over who to nominate.
 2. Hayden – Hayden is super safe since Nicole is his girl and HAYCOLE couldn’t be any cuter! OMG I am so obsessed with this showmance!  Hayden is actually playing a good game because he’s friends with everyone and no one ever talks about getting him out!   2. Hayden – Hayden is quietly emerging as a player in this game, and is NOT to be underestimated.  His oh-so-cute showmance with fellow blonde Nicole has him sitting pretty this week.  It’s easy to see how he finally won Nicole over with his goofy charm.
 3. Donny – Donny is not HOH any more but Nicole LOVES him and she has her eyes set on a bigger threat! This would be a great week for Donny to make an alliance with Nicole and Hayden and for them to get out a bomb squader or whatever they call themselves now!
  3. Caleb – Caleb, Caleb, Caleb. As hot as you are, enough with the “beast mode cowboy.” How many BB fans out there have started a drinking game tied to when he uses his favorite phrase?  At least he won’t be distracted going forward by his one-sided affection for the just evicted Amber.  He’s safe as can be after winning BOB with…

 4. Caleb – Caleb and Victoria are safe since they won the BOTB- Sadly! I was 100% all about them being nommed and possibly going home.
  4. Victoria – Well, look who finally showed up?  Color me surprised!  After being handed the Veto last week when Caleb spurned the coveted medallion for some cold hard cash, this almost forgotten HG finally stepped up when she had to.
 5. Victoria – THE ONLY good thing about this is that MAYBE MAYBE  Victoria will start to step up like she did in BOTB and play a better game.  We want to see one of the girls step up since they have just been picked off since the game started so if Victoria can step up we would be happy.
  5. Derrick – This cop in hiding is so in the cat bird’s seat.  Not threatening/even keeled and oh so smart, he’s looking good for a long deep run in the house.  The forced partnership with Donny and Frankie in Team America, plus all his other side deals have him in an enviable position.
 6. Derrick – Derrick is friends with Nicole and Donny and EVERYONE in the house and no one even realizes that he is running the house right now! He’s in a great place in the house and there’s no reason he would be a target in any weeks to come he’s even made a safety Final 3 and Final 2 deal. I would be SHOCKED If Derrick isn’t in the Final 3 this year and this is probably the first year I can say that pre-jury!
  6. Donny – Even though he was dethroned as HOH, everyone’s favorite bearded HouseGuest is fine for the week.  And who didn’t get a little emotional when he was reading his letter from his girlfriend? It’s really hard not to root for Donny…and that might be the problem.  Surely some of the Detonators might try to get him out soon – possibly on Thursday’s highly anticipated double eviction?
 7. Cody – Cody is safe since he’s developed a relationship with Nicole and Hayden. Cody isn’t really on the radar and hasn’t really done anything to make a crazy move or get up in the mix so no one considers him a threat.
  7. Christine – I loved Christine’s game at the beginning of the season, and her tight bond with Nicole will keep her safe this week, but her lack of strategic moves and constantly yapping all the secrets likely doom to an early slot on the jury.  Plus, if you haven’t noticed the girls seem to be disappearing fast this season…
 8. Christine – Christine isn’t in danger since she’s friends with Nicole but this girl is in trouble since she trusts that she’s in good with the boys and she doesn’t really do anything at all in this house…She’s playing an OK social game but she’s most likely going to get Brittneyed, and she is man #4 or #3 in all the alliances…
 8. Cody – This soccer stud is positioning himself for a shot to win this thing.  Now that Amber is out of the house and not a sore spot for “beast mode cowboy” Caleb, all seems well with the leftovers of the Bomb Squad.  Unless they try to back door/get someone out in the double eviction Thursday night like…
 9. Frankie – Frankie seems to actually be in danger this week since Nicole says she wants to back door him! If her plan works out she would be making a big move! HOWEVER what I think is going to stop Nicole and what I think is a good argument for Frankie to use, is that no one is going to vote Frankie out over Zach or even over Jocasta. At this point in the game the boys have the numbers so anyone in their alliance is safe! EVEN IF Frankie is backdoored its unlikely that the boys would allow him to be voted out!
  9. Frankie – Sneaky/smart Nicole could still be planning to backdoor Frankie depending on what happens with the Veto.  And there have been rumblings about other HouseGuests wanting to get him out during a double eviction…I fear Ariana Grande’s sibling may indeed have a big “Problem” on his hands soon – a pending eviction notice!
 10. Zach – Zach is in trouble this week if the boys decide to get him out. The only way Zach would go home is if Frankie is nominated next to him… However I don’t see that happening and I think Zach will skate through this week. HOWEVER how dumb is he that he told Nicole to put him up and UMMMMMM Hello Zach you don’t ever tell people to nominate you and you don’t ever try to use reverse psychology unless you’re the HOH!
  10. Jocasta – Ring, ring? Yeah, Jocasta it’s your lucky day calling. I think you might just skate by this week.  Do you deserve to be in the house? Probably not.  As my friend Rachel Reilly would say, “Floaters get a life vest!”  But I think if Zach is still on the Block after the Veto, the temptation will be too great to pass up such a big target.
 11. Jocasta – Jocasta is most likely going home this week. She isn’t really playing a good game at all she says she wants to win but…She hasn’t stepped up and won anything. If Jocasta wants to stay she better hope she wins veto or that she can convince someone to use the veto on her…otherwise the boys will vote her out.
 11. Zach – Why Zach Attack, why?  I fear America will be deprived of seeing if #Zankie ever will go past first base by your stupid, stupid outbursts and telling Nicole to put you on the Block.  Why oh why??  Even though your supposed alliance might have the numbers to keep you, I feel a flip coming and the first true blindside of the summer.  And perhaps the first non-landslide/unanimous vote.

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