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TV Asia promotes South Asian talent in the USA by highlighting the rich heritage of arts, religion, sports & culture.  TV Asia inspires the current generation to uphold and carry forward the rich and ancient ideals of our glorious past. It is the only TV channel celebrating the achievements and cultural fulfillment of South Asians in the USA.

On August 15th of each year, Indians all over the world come together to celebrate India’s Independence Day. Preparation for massive celebrations of India’s 68th Independence Day by the community is already underway. All across the USA, parades, food festivals, special shopping events, cultural programs, dance, music and fashion shows with celebrities are planned.
During Independence Day, Indians bond together in large numbers and display pride in the Motherland and showcase India’s cultural diversity and growing economic growth. The atmosphere is charged with festivity and cultural extravaganzas. TV Asia will be covering the festivities from coast to coast.

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This summer, TV Asia is featuring exciting new programs. Here’s a look at some of what’s to come:

“Yeh Hai Meri Kahani 3”
In the month of August, TV Asia viewers will get up close and personal with young actors and superstars of today.

“Love By Chance”
Did you get married to someone who you fell in love with? Or, are you with someone who you love? 26 delightful love stories of couples who ‘bumped’ into each other and gave love a chance are featured in a new show titled “Love by Chance.”

“Khan Sisters”
The “Khan Sisters” revolves around the lives of the Khan sisters, Gauhar and Nigaar showcasing various aspects of their fascinating lives, their relationship with each other, and life in the high-profile and ever-changing film and television industry.

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