Xfinity Latino Entertainment Channel Presents ‘Night at the Movies’

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XFINITY Latino Entertainment Channel brings you a full feature length film every Sunday night at 8p ET/9p PT starting 08/17.

You will have the chance to enjoy the best movie offer from our Latino package movie channel. From blockbuster Hollywood films dubbed in Spanish to the most recent theatrical releases in Latin America.

Schedule your date night with XFINITY Latino Entertainment Channel this Sunday night!


9/14: ‘The Mask of Zorro’

The famous masked Zorro of old California has spent twenty years in jail – upon his escape, he trains a young bandit to take his place. A rousing, swashbuckling adventure.


"2033." (La Casa de Cine)



9/21: ‘2033’

It is the year 2033 in Mexico City, now called Villaparaiso. After a bloody revolution, the military regime restored civil order — all religion and protests are now banned, and corporations control society to ensure their own prosperity. The populace is controlled by synthetic food called PECTI.Pablo is a young member of the elite class being groomed into military power. He plays life on the edge, believes the state propaganda, and lives for the decadence of it all. One day, through an underground priest Miguel, Pablo learns his real father was the leader of the revolutionary movement and so he joins the uprising to take down the military regime.





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