Alynda Wheat

The ‘Pacific’: How Joe Mazzello Became Eugene Sledge

The last time Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks paired up with HBO, the result was 2001’s multiple Emmy-award winning WWII miniseries ‘Band of Brothers.’ The tenth and final installment of the filmmakers’ return to HBO, ‘The Pacific,’  airs Sunday May 16. ‘The Pacific,’  filmed over 10 months in Australia in 2007, follows three characters in […]

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‘The Pacific’: War Expert Captain Dale Dye Shapes New Recruits

It’s become a cultural/historical phenomenon, the collaborations of Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks on World War II. The Hollywood powerhouses first teamed up for the 1998 Oscar juggernaut ‘Saving Private Ryan.’ They came together again three years later for the HBO saga ‘Band of Brothers,’ which won six Emmy awards. Now, Hanks and Spielberg, joined […]

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‘White Collar’s Tim DeKay: Plot Twists Revealed “Very Soon”

It was a twist nobody saw coming—okay, at least we didn’t. On ‘White Collar’s winter finale, escaped con turned FBI consultant Neal Caffrey (Matthew Bomer) got closer to finding his missing ex-girlfriend Kate (Alexandra Daddario). She was under the control of a mysterious man, he learned—someone possibly even connected to the government. Then, in the […]

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