Bob Hellman

Who Gives A Twit? Speidi, Ellen And More

This morning, Al Roker twit-pic’d us a smiling shot of the real life reality couple we have all come to love and hate, Speidi. Visibly shaken and off guard, Spencer and Heidi Pratt are obviously more accustomed to being interviewed by someone like Tyra Banks. (read the story on Fancast here) Speidi’s double talk answers […]

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Heidi Montag “Attacked” By Al Roker?

Heidi Montag is claiming that morning show host Al Roker gave her an unfair verbal smackdown. In their first interview since returning from Costa Rica, Heidi and Spencer Pratt sat down with Al this morning on the ‘Today’ show. A visibly annoyed Al asked the pair stern questions about their behavior on ‘I’m A Celebrity….Get […]

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