Editor Archive: Chi-hui Yang

Cinema Asia America – October Highlights

October is an exciting month on Cinema Asian America, with a collection of must-see films that have already set the film world abuzz. Leading the way in our new releases is “Linsanity,” Evan Leong’s thrilling portrait of NBA point guard Jeremy Lin, who captivated the world through his sudden rise to fame with the New York Knicks, despite considerable odds.

Journey of a Bonesetter’s Daughter: Making of an Opera

This month, Cinema Asian America on Xfinity On Demand presents David Peterson’s riveting behind-the-scenes documentary, “Journey of a Bonesetter’s Daughter.” Journey follows the creation of the San Francisco Opera’s celebrated production of ‘The Bonesetter’s Daughter,’ composed by Stewart Wallace with a libretto by bestselling novelist Amy Tan.

The Films of Arthur Dong

This month, Cinema Asian America on Xfinity On Demand presents a mini-retrospective of Dong’s films, a rare opportunity to see several of this influential filmmaker’s works. Included are “Hollywood Chinese” – a historical exploration of the experiences of Chinese American actors, directors and producers.

KCON 2013 Wrap!

KCON is the biggest North American convention dedicated to ‘All Things Hallyu’ and includes celebrity panels, autograph sessions, contests, fan workshops, amazing food and a star-studded K-Pop concert.