Craig Tomashoff

Everybody’s Watching For the Weekend, So Here’s Streampix’ Guide To What’s Worth Viewing

Let’s face it. This may be the most difficult weekend of the year. First of all, the weather is like a dancer at a gentleman’s club – teasing you with the possibility of exciting things but ultimately still quite cold. Second, Daylight Savings Time is about to start and that means you lose a very […]

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This Pilot Season, Streampix Features First Episodes That Really Took Off

No matter how good or bad a series is, there’s always a sameness to nearly all of them. It’s a Cop Show or a Workplace Comedy or a Primetime Soap. Find a popular genre, and then find a way to bring people back to it when they have 137 other, similar viewing options.

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"Greek." (ABC Family)

Enjoy Spring Break, Streampix Style, With These Campus Classics

It’s that time of year again, when college kids across the country make the least of their education by traveling to sunny climes in order to cut loose instead of cutting classes. Spring Break is much a campus tradition as finals and cheerleaders, leaving parents everywhere to wonder exactly what their hard-earned tuition dollars are […]

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MENSA Members Pick TV’s 5 Smartest Shows

It happens all the time. Whether you’re at a PTA meeting or an art gallery opening or ordering your morning coffee, the conversation will inevitably turn to television. And at some point, someone will proudly announce he or she never watches TV because there’s nothing intelligent on. Watch Xfinity TV online here. Well, the next […]

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Kiefer Sutherland in Touch (FOX)

‘Touch’ Finale Promises ‘Completely Unexpected’ Twist, Says Tim Kring

After watching him save the world on a yearly basis for nearly a decade, it didn’t seem possible to accept Kiefer Sutherland as anything but the tough yet…well…just tough Jack Bauer. With the arrival of Fox’s “Touch” in midseason, however, Sutherland completely shifted gears to become tortured single dad Martin Bohm, trying to raise his possibly autistic […]

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