Christopher Rosen

In Defense Of ‘Entourage’: Four Reasons Why We Still Care

Sunday night brings the return of ‘Entourage‘ to HBO (10:30 p.m.), and with it has come the now-predictable slew of “’Entourage stinks!’” critical analysis. In a piece for New York’s Vulture blog entitled “Tracing the Epiphany That ‘Entourage’ Is Not a Very Good Show,” Adam Sternbergh writes that the HBO warhorse is “a not particularly […]

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MTV Movie Awards F-Bombs Leave Viewers Blase

As the sweep of ‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon‘ no doubt tipped you off, the 2010 MTV Movie Awards weren’t necessarily geared towards the over-20 crowd. If anything, this year’s ceremonies felt like the Teen Choice Awards, minus the massive surfboard trophies and the pre-requisite appearances from the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus. Though maybe the […]

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Commentary: TV To Be Thankful For

With the entire country in turmoil over—take your pick—health care, the economy, two ongoing wars and Sarah Palin-mania, Thanksgiving couldn’t come at a better time. Of course this is the holiday that’s ostensibly on the calendar to provide respite from the constant din of complaining that plagues America; a chance to remember to be thankful […]

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