Jen Smith

‘Top Model’ Runner-up Allison: “I Had a 100% Feeling” It Would Be Teyona

Allison Harvard, a 20-year-old art student from New Orleans, barely lost out on the title of America’s Next Top Model. Going into the final panel Wednesday night, she and Teyona were pretty much on an even keel. Both girls took beautiful pictures, while their runway walks could use some work. Allison grew by leaps and […]

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‘America’s Next Top Model’ Is…

Tyra Banks has crowned yet another girl ‘America’s Next Top Model‘. Teyona Anderson, 20, was named the winner of the 12th cycle of the show. Regular viewers probably weren’t surprised. The chameleon-like Teyona showed a knack for transforming and reinventing herself in front of the camera, earning kudos for looking completely different in her pictures. […]

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Sex Tapes, Lies, Weddings and ‘The Hills’

Sex tapes? Trampy bartenders? Attitude at Rolling Stone photo shoots? Is this ‘The Hills’ or ‘Sex, Lies and Videotape version 2.0’? It was a change of scenery at Tuesday night’s Paley Fest ’09. Instead of the usual scripted fare, fans were treated to some behind-the-scenes scoops and spoilers for “The Hills.” So did the tight-lipped […]

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