Patrick Dorsey

A Look Inside Stephen King’s ‘Bag of Bones’

“Stephen King’s Bag of Bones” isn’t “Twilight.” Nor is it “Saw.” “There are no teenagers in this cast,” executive producer-director Mick Garris told on Thursday. “And it’s not about slaughtering people in creative ways.” Not that there’s anything wrong with those things. Still, Garris said, that’s probably why you’ll see this Gothic ghost tale […]

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‘Real World’ Alum Battles Big Bad Wolves in ‘Grimm’

David Giuntoli is on set in Portland, Oregon. And to him, there’s no better place to put  NBC’s new horror/fantasy/fairy tale series “Grimm” (debuts Oct. 28). “Portland is the perfect city for anything kind of otherworldly,” Giuntoli told on Wednesday. “It’s very ethereal. If you were out in the forest in Portland and you […]

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