Sara Scott

Gleecap: Who’s the New WMHS Prom Queen?

I suppose I should be touched by this week’s “Glee” story of two semi-reformed mean girls who rigged their prom election in the eleventh hour to crown a self-described “penguin” girl their queen. Okay, fine, I thought it was a little sweet. Damn you, Murphy, for making me a sap. But… Rachel Berry is allowed […]

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Gleecap: McKinley High Catches Disco Fever

Interior decorating as Sue sees it: Nothing pulls together a living room quite like a lit-from-within, shatterproof Plexiglas dance floor. Other useful information from this week’s “Glee” includes that a bull testicle tastes just like a chicken testicle, and chubby house cats are a cheap and effective source for maid services. As always, Brittany, we […]

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Gleecap: Quinn’s Post-Crash Fate is Revealed

You have to appreciate a show that resolves its cliffhangers less than 60 seconds into its first episode back. Quinn lived! Finn and Rachel didn’t get married! David Boreanaz won full custody of his baby with Sue! (The last one is a prediction of how the next nail-biter will play out.) So the episode starts […]

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