‘Dallas’: General Hospital

Forget Southfork and Ewing Energy. Ninety percent of this week’s episode of “‘Dallas,” ‘Guilt and Innocence” took place in the hospital. That turned out to make for a pretty dull episode, with precious little wit and wisdom. It’s no coincidence that J.R.’s memory and will was barely a factor. Let’s hope that next week refocuses […]

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"Dallas": "J.R.'s Masterpiece" (TNT)

‘Dallas’: J.R.’s Masterpiece Lives Up to Its Title

J.R. Ewing was many things: patriarch, schemer, lover, fighter. He was something else that is rarely acknowledged: the prototype for the modern, morally ambiguous television protagonist. There is a direct line from J.R. Ewing to Tony Soprano, Don Draper and Walter White. During the original “Dallas,” the show was perceived as populist trash. “Hill Street […]

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‘Dallas’ Stars Preview J.R.’s Funeral and Share Memories of Larry Hagman

Tonight, “Dallas” airs an episode over 30 years in the making: the funeral of J.R.  “J.R.’s Masterpiece” is a moving tribute to both the iconic television character and the man who played him, Larry Hagman. In true ‘Dallas” fashion, there are both poignant moments and surprising plot twists. On the red carpet at Sunday’s PaleyFest […]

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