Reid Rosenthal on Bachelor Pad (ABC)

‘Bachelor Pad’: Reid Rosenthal Tries to Eliminate Ed Swiderski Out of Spite

Monday night’s “Bachelor Pad,” demonstrated that the contestants have mastered one thing above all else: the art of tooting out interminable brain farts instead of strategic thinking. Like contestants of “BP” past, this season’s contestants are weeding out those who are either easy to boot off or those whom they feel are a threat to […]

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Bachelor Pad host Chris Harrison (ABC)

‘Bachelor Pad’ Recap: Two Contestants Walk Off the Show in Tears

Monday night’s “Bachelor Pad” was all fun and games and libidinous lies(!) as the house showed that their brain power was collectively smaller than a brontosaurus’—their talent for non-strategy was bananas. Most of the contestants merely aligned themselves with whom they thought were like, the cool kids, so it kinda felt like we were watching […]

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Bachelor Pad (ABC)

‘Bachelor Pad’ Premiere: Super Fans Make Enemies with ‘Bachelor/ette’ Alumni

Monday night’s premiere of the “Bachelor Pad” took off to an inebriated start as the “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” alumni clashed with each other and their newly competing Super Fans at the chance of finding “love” (blah blah) and/or winning $250K. Some old faces looked older, and some needed waxing—and weez talkin’ about the ladies (cough, […]

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Chris Harrison (ABC)

‘Bachelor Pad’s’ Chris Harrison: Some Hookups Were Stupid, Others ‘Bizarre’

Summertime is the season for game players, player haters, sun-kissed bodies, man boobs, fake boobs, bikinis, mankinis—and a chance to win $250,000! At least it is on ABC’s all new “Bachelor Pad,” which premieres tonight at 8/7c. But hold onto your jockstraps—there’s more! This season doesn’t just consist of the usual dysfunctional hookups, fragile pacts, […]

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‘Bachelor Pad 3’ Mystery Man Revealed

ABC has unveiled the identity of the “Bachelor Pad 3” “mystery man”: Chris Bukowski. The 25-year-old Chicago native joins the third season of the ABC reality series following his elimination by Emily Maynard on Monday night’s episode of “The Bachelorette.” Add “Bachelor Pad” to Your Queue Bukowski will swap spit compete with 19 other previously […]

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