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Is ‘Under the Dome’s’ Junior Psycho or Does He Really Know Something?

The bodies keep mounting “Under the Dome.” First, there was the death of Julia’s (Rachelle Lefevre) husband, Dr. Peter Shuman (R. Keith Harris), at the hands of Barbie (Mike Vogel). That was due to a gambling debt dispute, so not really related to the dome, but it’s the reason that Barbie is trapped under it. Then there was the plane crash that killed all the occupants, and then, when Sheriff Duke Perkins (Jeff Fahey) touched the dome, his pacemaker exploded, killing him instantly.

‘Under the Dome’ Casts Mare Winningham in Pivotal Role

When we spoke to “Under the Dome” executive producer Neal Baer last Friday, he told xfinityTV, “We haven’t met everybody yet. We haven’t met all the people who are going to play a role in this ensemble cast. We will meet some new people inside the dome. Like: What Oscar-nominated and Emmy-nominated performer will be caught under the dome? We haven’t said yet.”