Baldwin Controversy Charges Actor with Using Racial Slur, Threatening Violence

Alec Baldwin appears to be in another war with the paparazzi, and this time they are claiming the “30 Rock” actor used racial slurs and threatened to “choke” a reporter in a confrontation that took place today. Ironically, it may the paparazzi-king TMZ that saves Baldwin’s reputation this time. The incident allegedly occurred when reporters […]

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"The Office's" classic Valentine's Day episode "PDA" (NBC)

Love is in the Air: Our 10 Favorite Valentine’s Day Episodes

It’s Valentine’s day. Maybe you’re anticipating a romantic night with your significant other.  Maybe you plan to spend the day ranting about how it’s a made up holiday designed to sell chocolates and flowers. Or maybe you think the day exists to make single people feel bad about their status. However you feel about the […]

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