Alicia Keys has released her eighth album, "Here, which she says is "urgent, raw and vulnerable."

Alicia Keys: Ready for People to Hear Her New Album

“I’ve been wanting people to experience this album for a long time, and I have known when they heard it, they would feel something,” says Alicia Keys about her sixth studio album, Here.  The album, released on November 4, was embraced by People magazine as “her best yet,” and Rolling Stone called it “gritty, eclectic, […]

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Can’t Stop Watching: No Preggers Announcement for Kerry Washington, Is ‘Scandal’s’ Eli Pope Scary & More

Many gladiators woke up today either LOLing or extremely disappointed. When a “Good Morning America” promo aired during last night’s “Scandal” episode that Kerry Washington would make an announcement with co-host Robin Roberts, Black Twitter got typing. It was pretty unanimous: Washington would announce that she’s pregnant.

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Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder Pen Letters to Judge on Lauryn Hill’s Behalf

By Carrie Healey, (Article originally published on Grammy Award winning singers Alicia Keys and Stevie Wonder penned letters to a New Jersey judge on behalf of fellow Grammy winner Lauryn Hill, who plead guilty to tax evasion. Hill has taken to her Tumblr to personally thank all those who penned letters to the judge. While Keys and […]

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