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‘Pit Bulls and Parolees’ Season Premiere Nov. 2

A pit bull is trapped at the bottom of a pumping station near a New Orleans levee. Rescuers joined by a Louisiana prison inmate out on work release are frantically seeking to pull the dog to safety. This is real-life drama and the television cameras are rolling.

Mermaid Hoax Sets Record for Animal Planet

People’s fascination with mermaids — hoax be damned — continues. Animal Planet’s mermaids sequel “Mermaids: The New Evidence” netted record ratings for the network. Sunday’s “Mermaids” special delivered 3.6 million […]

Reality ‘Wars’: A Look at TV’s Most Overused Word

War is hell – except for reality shows. Americans may be exhausted by the real wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. But we unwind with no fewer than 17 reality shows with “wars” in their titles. They depict so-called wars waged over whiskers, parking spots and cupcakes.