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Will ‘Smash’ Splash or Crash for NBC?

(Reuters) – NBC’s new musical drama “Smash” could hardly have a stronger pedigree: Idea by Steven Spielberg, songs by award-winning Broadway producers, stars including Anjelica Huston and Debra Messing, and […]

Uma Thurman to Get ‘Smash’-ed on NBC

“Kill Bill” star Uma Thurman is coming to the small screen — at least for a temporary stay. Thurman has signed on for NBC’s upcoming musical drama “Smash,” in a […]

Why You Should Know Jena Malone

24-year-old Jena Malone is certainly an independent spirit. With a very eclectic and unique film career and now a just-as-eclectic musical career as the frontwoman of the band The Shoe […]