True Blood (HBO)

‘True Blood’: The Five Sexiest Twists of Episode Three

Sunday night’s episode of “True Blood” was the onewhere everyone has sex. No, wait that’s every episode of “True Blood.” This week the sex has deep, psychological meaning that propels the plot. This isĀ  awesome when the sex involves Eric and considerably less appealing when Andy is the one making sweet, sweet love. DVR the […]

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‘True Blood’ Recap: Burn, Sookie, Burn

The penultimate episode of “True Blood,” “Soul of Fire,” was pretty freaking awesome. There was plot development, a significant body count, and the least titillating sex scene in the show’s history. We pick up right after the last episode ended. The Bad Ass Vamps in Black are about to blow up the shop. Ordinary, Non-Magic […]

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