Ed Asner in "The Middle" (Richard Foreman/ABC)

Ed Asner on ‘The Middle,’ Older Actors and Reuniting With Betty White

Tonight, TV legend Ed Asner — best known for playing gruff newsman Lou Grant in the “Mary Tyler Moore” show and later in the drama “Lou Grant” — will be “inundating” viewers, in his words, on two hit sitcoms. First, on ABC’s “The Middle,” he plays the old saw editor of the local paper who […]

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Neil Flynn in "The Middle" (Richard Foreman/ABC)

‘The Middle’: Neil Flynn on Acting With the Kids and the Volkswagen Episode

In his third year as Mike, the patriarch of the Heck family on ABC’s “The Middle,” Neil Flynn has played the rock that anchors all of the craziness that buzzes around Indiana’s funniest family. After eight years as the off-kilter Janitor on “Scrubs”, a role where he improvised much of his dialogue, he plays a […]

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Littlest ‘Middle’ Star Atticus Shaffer Previews This Week’s Crazy Texting War

So far during the third season of ABC’s family sitcom “The Middle,” the awkward yet adorable youngest member of the Heck family, Brick, has quoted Shakespeare, obsessed over a food delivery catalog, caught his first trout, skipped gym class (with his teacher’s permission) and dressed up as the ghost of Ernest Hemingway for Halloween. What could […]

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Heaton: Romano Crashes ‘Middle’ Honeymoon in ‘Raymond’ Reunion

Seems like old times! One of TV’s favorite sitcom couples – Ray Romano and Patricia Heaton – are reunited on Wednesday’s season premiere of “The Middle” (ABC, 8/7c). Romano, whose drama “Men of A Certain Age” was sent to the woodshed last month, is a special guest star on the hour-long episode. “We flash back […]

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