Billy Campbell as Abraham Lincoln in "Killing Lincoln" (NatGeo)

‘Killing Lincoln’ Star Billy Campbell: Daniel Day-Lewis Was Not an Influence

Steven Spielberg’s Oscar nominated “Lincoln,” starring Daniel Day-Lewis as the 16th president of the United States, tells the story of how Lincoln got the 13th Amendment, which abolishes slavery, passed. On Sunday, Feb. 17, the National Geographic Channel is telling a completely different Lincoln story, “Killing Lincoln,” from executive producers Ridley Scott and Tony Scott, […]

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Mireille Enos as Sarah Linden on The Killing (AMC)

‘Killing’ Star Mireille Enos: Season 2 Pushes Everyone to the Limit

When Season 2 of “The Killing” premieres on Sunday, April 1, detective Sarah Linden will be confronted with a problem much more complex than merely finding the person who killed Rosie Larsen. As the two-hour episode unfolds, Linden quickly begins to uncover evidence of what appears to be a vast conspiracy at work. Graver still, […]

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‘The Killing’: Murder From Multiple Points of View

AMC’s new serialized thriller “The Killing,” which debuts April 3rd, tells the story of the investigation of the murder of a teenage girl named Rosie Larsen. As the cast revealed at its Los Angeles premiere screening this week, there are three different, parallel storylines starring three sets of characters. Each episode focuses on a day […]

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