Top 5 LGBT Dramas of 2016

[Insert shady rattlesnake noise] Drama: She’s the plus-size model of the genre world. She can be funny, intense and even sassy. Sometimes she’s deathly serious, and other times she’s straight-up flying at your face with a knife and a high kick. Long story short, drama can be a number of things, but when you’re looking […]

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Watch the First Season of Emmy-Winning ‘Transparent’ with XFINITY On Demand

“Transparent” is here. You’d be living under a rock if you didn’t know about the Amazon series “Transparent,” which focuses on the journey of what happens when Morton (Jeffrey Tambor) begins to transition to become Maura. It’s not only her journey, however, but that of her family. The first season of the show that took […]

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2015 Emmy Watch: The LGBT-ness Of The Nominees

The Emmy nominations came out last week and it was impossible to get very far in the list of nominees without finding representatives of the LGBT community both in fictional representation and the bona fide real thing. Seeing LGBT performers and shows that you might call LGBT-centric is not a new thing since awareness and […]

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