‘True Blood’: Russell Goes on a Rampage

This week’s episode of “True Blood” (“In the Beginning”) could have been written by King Russell himself. It was bloody, chaotic, funny and entertaining but lacked structure, tried to cram way too much into an hour, and did not make much sense. There was even a reference to poor, dead Talbot In A Jar. So, […]

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True Blood (HBO)

‘True Blood’: The Five Sexiest Twists of Episode Three

Sunday night’s episode of “True Blood” was the onewhere everyone has sex. No, wait that’s every episode of “True Blood.” This week the sex has deep, psychological meaning that propels the plot. This isĀ  awesome when the sex involves Eric and considerably less appealing when Andy is the one making sweet, sweet love. DVR the […]

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TV’s Highest-Paid Leading Men Aren’t Even on TV

A new list of TV’s highest-paid actors reveals there’s millions to be made on TV, even when you’re not actually on TV. In a list of TV’s Top 10 highest-paid male actors that was just posted by Forbes magazine here, half of the 10 are not even currently on television, starting with Charlie Sheen. With […]

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