"Animal Practice" - Crystal as Dr. Rizzo -- (Photo by: Robert Trachtenberg/NBC)

‘Animal Practice’: Five Surprising Facts About Crystal the Monkey

Every television season, a newcomer becomes a breakout star. Last year, it was Lena Dunham. This year it is Crystal the Monkey, the pint sized star of “Animal Practice.” Crystal steals the show as Dr.Rizzo in the broad comedy about a kooky veterinary hospital. Dr. Rizzo was reportedly the highest testing character on any new […]

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Five Things to Know About NBC’s New Comedy ‘Animal Practice’

NBC’s new comedy “Animal Practice” stars Justin Kirk (“Weeds“)  as Dr. George Coleman, a skilled New York City veterinarian who loves his patients, but despises their owners. For years Coleman has been running Crane Animal Hospital in his distinctly unorthodox style. But when the hospital’s elderly owner dies, an unwelcome regime shift arrives in the […]

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