Chevy Chase on Community (NBC)

Entire Cast of ‘Community’ (Even Chevy!) Returning Next Season

LOS ANGELES ( – “Community” creator Dan Harmon might have been shown the door, but rest assured – when the doors open at Greendale Community College once again, the on-air talent will all be aboard. Yes, and that includes Chevy Chase – who famously criticized the direction in which Harmon had led the series with […]

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Crew Members Jump to Chevy Chase’s Defense in ‘Community’ Showdown

Employees of the NBC series “Community” are reportedly taking sides in the Chevy Chase/Dan Harmon dispute that made headlines last week. Early reports stated that Chase often clashed with series creator Harmon as well as other “Community” producers and writers over his scenes. The most recent blow-up between the pair reportedly resulted in Chase leaving […]

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