"Revolution" (NBC)

‘Revolution’ Scoop: The Stakes are Raised as Mysteries are Uncovered

After spending the first half of the season on a perilous quest to rescue Danny (Graham Rogers) from the clutches of Monroe (David Lyons), “Revolution” shocked viewers by killing off the teen before we even got to really know him. [xfinity-record-button id=”5665958712678255112″ program_type=”series”] “We wanted to raise the stakes in the second half of the […]

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Talking About ‘My Generation’: Meet The Cast Of The New ABC Drama

What a difference a decade makes. Tonight marks the debut of ABC’s new verité-style drama ‘My Generation‘ (8/7c). In the year 2000 an archetypal group of Austin high school seniors – the rich kid; the jock; the nerd – were the focus of a documentary shortly before graduation. Today, the documentary crew has caught back […]

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