David Faustino (Michael Caulfield/Getty Images)

This Bud’s For You: ‘Married…With Children’ Star David Faustino Reflects On His Show’s 25th Anniversary

So apparently, being a hormone-addled teenage geek who can’t get a date isn’t such a bad thing after all. Just ask David Faustino. It’s been 25 years since he played the socially stunted Bud Bundy on “Married…With Children,” and he’s still so beloved for playing the character that he’s even able to heckle presidents without […]

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‘Ally McBeal,’ ‘Married with Children,’ & ‘X-Files’ Stars Returning to Fox for 25th Anniversary

Believe it or not, it’s been 25 years since Fox first hit the airwaves on April 5, 1987 and the network has trailblzed its way into pop culture lore with series ranging from “The Simpsons” to “24” ever since. Now, the network is bringing viewers “Fox’s 25th Anniversary Special” on Sunday April 22 at 8 […]

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With Al Bundy Returning To TV, David Faustino Reflects On The Family That Started It All

ABC’s new fall lineup includes several family-centric series, including ‘The Middle,’ ‘Hank,’ – and ‘Modern Family,’ a show that brings Ed O’Neil, of ‘Married With Children‘ fame, back to a TV wife and kids. David Faustino, who played Ed’s son – the lovable brat Bud Bundy – on ‘Married,’ talked to us about the influence […]

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