Hollie Cavanagh and DeAndre Brackensick on American Idol (FOX)

‘American Idol’ Results: Split Decision Leaves Lucky Seven

A mother knows. Last night, my “American Idol” recap gave some ink to my mother Roberta, who has formed the habit of emailing me after each and every performance with a little nugget of punny criticism that rivals that of Jimmy Iovine. (After “Islands In the Stream,” she wanted to drown Colton Dixon and Skylar […]

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Hollie Cavanagh on "American Idol" (FOX)

’80s Night on ‘Idol’: Off-Key Songs Have Two Contestants Livin’ On a Prayer

Last week Jimmy Iovine pointed out one of the major problems with the “American Idol” voting public—that it’s mainly made of up young girls who only vote for cute boys. While that was a helpful dose of reality, he neglected to mention one other powerful voting group—moms. And so, to honor the other great consumers […]

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American Idol's Top 8 (FOX)

‘Idol’ Elimination Leaves Eight As One Gets Shown the Door

Warning, Spoilers Ahead!! Heejun Han: Hollywood Week funnyman, newly eliminated “American Idol” contestant. Tonight, voters kicked off the class clown who outstayed the circus. Despite an improved performance over last week’s horror show, Heejun couldn’t muster enough votes to keep him in for another week of painful Bolton-esque balladry. In his commentary, Jimmy Iovine said […]

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Jessica Sanchez on "American Idol" (FOX)

‘American Idol’: Five Singers Draw Standing Ovations

Stevie Nicks was the guest mentor on “American Idol,” and drew things out of the contestants that even the most cynical watcher (me) didn’t know they could do. Many of the performances were legitimately emotional, and with a cast of characters who mostly do monster ballads without even a hint of connection, that was a […]

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Erika Van Pelt and DeAndre Brackensick on American Idol (Michael Becker / FOX)

‘American Idol’ Results: Nine Move On and Someone’s Movin’ Out!

Now that the remaining “American Idol” contestants are all going on tour, there’s really very little motivation to keep working hard (see Heejun Han). It’s not like coming in third or whatever will do a whole lot for your career (see: Haley Reinhart). So, to sweeten the deal, all those who made it through to […]

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Phillip Phillips on "American Idol" (FOX)

‘American Idol’s’ Ode to Billy Joel: Who Was a Big Shot and Who Felt the Pressure?

Billy Joel is the perfect songbook for “American Idol.” Easily adaptable to almost any voice, and firmly rooted in the ’70s/’80s-lite-rock-balladry that “Idol” contestants can’t resist. As Steven Tyler said at the top of the night, “If you can’t sing Billy Joel, then you can’t sing at all.” Overall it was the best night of […]

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Erika Van Pelt and Shannon Magrane on American Idol (FOX)

‘American Idol’ Drops to 10: Who Went Home?

Tonight, America righted one of its most common wrongs when voters ousted Shannon Magrane from “American Idol.” Girls like Shannon go very far in the competition–innocent, pretty, blonde and oh so naive girls who choose huge, emotional songs they couldn’t possibly relate to. This season, we had two such girls (we’re looking at you, Hollie […]

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