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Deep Soap: Making The Big Leagues

Julianne Moore Really Is Returning To As The World Turns It’s official.  Julianne Moore is reprising her Daytime Emmy award winning role of Frannie Hughes in an upcoming episode of… More

Deep Soap: Weekend Update

Weekend Update This has been a news-packed weekend for daytime.  The Daytime Emmy pre-nominations came out.  They were, as always, a mixed bag of tricks reflecting which actors chose to… More

Deep Soap: Credit Where It’s Due

Zaprudering the New General Hospital Opening Our long national nightmare is finally over.  In honor of the show’s 12,000th episode, General Hospital debuted a new opening sequence.  For years, fans… More

Deep Soap: Awards And Accolades

Y&R Writers Bring Home The Pointy, Heavy Statues Congratulations to The Young & The Restless’s writing team for winning the Writers Guild of America Award for Daytime Serial. The other… More

Deep Soap: Same Old Story

Hell Has Frozen Over: ABC Publicizes One Life To Live This is crazy. ABC is actually doing publicity for One Life To Live. The network put together an EPK (Electronic… More

Deep Soap: Midweek Mishmash

Double Trouble I doubt that there was a single surprised ‘The Young & The Restless’ viewer when Patty knocked Emily out and assumed her identity.  This is a doppleganger storyline… More