Jennel Garcia is eliminated on "The X Factor." Also pictured: Khloe Kardashian Odom and Demi Lovato (FOX)

Demi Lovato Faces Tough Choice as Two ‘X Factor’ Acts Are Sent Home

Some lowly producer working out of the basement at “The X Factor” must have looked at his calendar the other day and realized that by adding Diamond White back into the game, 13 weekly eliminations were going to bring us far beyond the premiere date of “American Idol” next year. And because one music competition […]

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Demi Lovato on "The X Factor" (FOX)

Demi Lovato ‘Bored’ on ‘X Factor’ Diva Night

The biggest challenge for contestants on Wednesday night’s “X Factor” was not the near impossible task of measuring up to legendary “divas” to which the episode was devoted. No, the biggest challenge was keeping Demi Lovato from passing out from boredom. DVR the Next Episode of “The X Factor” The Young Adults coach repeatedly told […]

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Members of the band One Direction perform on "The X Factor" (Ray Mickshaw/FOX)

One Direction Steal Limelight on ‘X Factor’ Results Show

Was Thursday night’s “X Factor” a results show or an ongoing commercial for One Direction? The show opened with Simon Cowell’s “X Factor UK” brainchild band singing “Live While We’re Young,” which then moved into a long conversation about NFL player Drew Brees and how he did a Pepsi commercial with One Direction. And then […]

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Britney Spears and Demi Lovator on "The X Factor" (Ray Mickshaw/FOX)

Demi Lovato Fails Her Team, and Other Observations from ‘The X Factor’

Two hours of live performances of songs supposedly from the movies on “The X Factor” Wednesday night were enough fodder to come up with many observations about life, entertainment and the general badness of this show. Here are the top 10 things “The X Factor” inspired me to complain about from my sofa last night. […]

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Carly Rose Sonenclar performs live on "The X Factor" (CR: Ray Mickshaw / FOX)

Teens Falter Under Coach Britney Spears on First ‘X Factor’ Live Show

Till now, Carly Rose Sonenclar was one of the shining lights on “The X Factor,” a young prodigy who broke through into public consciousness during her first audition and has since impressed the judges with her otherworldly vocal maturity. In Britney Spears‘ hands, however, all that talent was for naught. DVR the Next Episode of […]

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