Julianna Margulies, Josh Charles and Christine Baranski of "The Good Wife" (Photo: CBS)

‘The Good Wife’ Season Finale: The Election–And Everything Else–Is Decided

“The Good Wife” ended its season early Sunday night with the episode, “What’s in the Box.” It set a standard for excellence in season finales that will be difficult for all subsequent shows to meet. The three main arcs, Peter’s campaign for governor, Cary’s attempt to start his own firm, and Will and Alicia’s attraction, […]

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‘The Good Wife’ Channels ‘Silence of the Lambs’

Last night’s episode of “The Good Wife,”  “Marthas and Caitlins,” showcased an evil person who has a strange obsession with Alicia (Julianna Margulies). Also, business mogul/wife and dog killer Colin Sweeney (Dylan Baker) returned. It’s difficult to tell who is scarier: Colin or Celeste (Lisa Edelstein). The show’s two most deliciously despicable characters intersected when […]

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John Malkovich & Anne Hathaway vs. Spider-Man?

Here’s the latest weird rumor about the villain plans for Sam Raimi’s long-awaited Spider-Man 4. Although everyone’s been waiting for Dylan Baker’s Dr. Curt Connors to make his inevitable transformation into the Lizard, that may still be on hold in favor of always-excellently-villainous John Malkovich stepping into the role of the surly bald creep Adrian […]

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