Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick from the Series Finale of 'Gossip Girl' (Photo: The CW)

‘Gossip Girl’s’ Most Memorable OMG Moments

Six years ago when “Gossip Girl” debuted, the economy was booming, the “one percent” were celebrated, and every twentysomething blogger fell for the smart, funny show that portrayed teen life as brutal social warfare. Some critics were not sure what to make of the series’ frank depiction of sexuality and drug use. The Parents Television […]

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Preview: Elizabeth Hurley Spices Up ‘Gossip Girl’ Premiere

Nate Archibald has found himself another cougar. In this promo for the September 26 season premiere of “Gossip Girl,” supermodel and actress Elizabeth Hurley is the latest older woman to hop into bed with Nate. After years of dealing with Blair and Serena’s drama, as well as the horror that was Vanessa’s continued existence, it’s […]

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‘Gossip Girl’ Season Preview: Reunions, Romance And Baby Blues

The CW’s ‘Gossip Girl’ returns this Monday at 9/8c, and the first pair of episodes are, as the French say, tres magnifique. (At least I think that’s what they say; frankly, I got Ds in French class.) A chunk of the action takes place en Paris, where Blair has been employing beacoup retail therapy to […]

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