‘Revenge’: A Deadly Masquerade

It may have been Easter in our world but it was still Halloween in the Hamptons.  “Revenge” continued to get itself back on track with this week’s episode “Masquerade.”  There is no better television tradition than the masquerade ball. I don’t know how often actual one percenters get themselves dolled up in black tie and […]

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‘Revenge’: The Return of the Takedown

“Revenge” fans, it’s the ultimate shocker. Emanda (Emily VanCamp) actually takes someone down, complete with Red Sharpie,  in this this week’s episode, “Victory.” Yes, the Season 1 formula that we all know and loved is back. Hallejulah! In addition, new and improved Jack (Nick Wechsler) continues to be far more efficient at this whole revenge […]

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Emily VanCamp and Collins Pennie on "Revenge" (Photo: ABC)

‘Revenge’: Someone Is Onto Emily

After a couple of big, exciting episodes, “Revenge” returned to second-season form with “Illumination,” which introduced even more characters and convoluted subplots. Fortunately, the previews for next week’s episode, feature the return of both the red sharpie and Mason Treadwell. Presumably, all of this week’s set up and exposition is leading someplace interesting. Here are […]

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‘Revenge’: A Death Brings the Show Back to Life

Let’s push the reset button. During this week’s episode of “Revenge,” “Retribution,” Emanda (Emily VanCamp), utters the most meta line in the show’s history:  “How did I get so far off track?” It’s the questions fans have been wondering, as a show about one woman’s quest to avenge her father’s death by making the people […]

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Margarita Levieva, Nick Wechsler, Gabriel Mann of "Revenge" (Photo: ABC)

‘Revenge’: One Wedding and a Murder

Finally, an action-packed episode of “Revenge.” A significant character died. A couple got married. Plus, there were actual acts of revenge. The only thing missing was the Red Sharpie of Vengeance. Here are the highlights of “Union,” a tribute to the labor movement. Or marriage.

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‘Revenge’: Two Relationships Bite the Dust

“Revenge” took a welcome trip to Los Angeles, where the show actually films, allowing the director and set designer to stop attempting to make Manhattan Beach look like the Hamptons in this week’s episode, “Collusion.” Even better, significant things actually happen, with two relationships biting the dust. Let’s get right to the highlights. DVR the […]

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