‘Revenge’ Season 2 Videos: Emily Threatens Amanda; Daniel’s Back on the Bottle

When “Revenge” returns for a second season on Sunday, Sept. 30, Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) will have a new thorn – so to speak – in her side. With her takedown of the Graysons largely backburnered following last season’s dramatic finale, Emily’s next “revengenda” involves a different mystery: what happened to her presumed-dead mother Kara […]

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‘Revenge’ Star Gabriel Mann on Nolan’s Surprising New Haircut

The name Nolan Ross is synonymous with three things: devastatingly witty quips, layered polo shirts, and a dutch boy-meets-mullet mane of blonde hair. One of those three things will be missing when “Revenge” returns for a second season on Sunday, Sept. 30. In the most shocking follicular television event since Felicity chopped off her curls […]

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Revenge (ABC)

‘Revenge’ Finale: Who Died? Who Was Resurrected? Crazy Cliffhangers Abound!

How does “Revenge” cap a season that has featured a Sensei, an insane bisexual hustler, a stripper pretending to be a terrorist’s daughter, a computer genius who could teach Mark Zuckerberg how to dress, the world’s oldest dog, primetime’s most gloriously dysfunctional rich family since the Ewings, and a woman with a wig to match […]

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‘Revenge’: Emily Uncovers Nolan’s Family Secret

“It is the confession, not the priest, that gives us absolution.” – Oscar Wilde This week’s episode of “Revenge” (“Absolution”), offers a doozy of an explanation for why Nolan is so willing to help Emanda take down the Graysons. Also, we get the show’s first product placement moment. Unfortunately, it’s not a for a whale […]

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Emily VanCamp and Madeleine Stowe on Revenge (ABC)

‘Revenge’ Casts Reveals That Fire and Ice Is Followed By Trials And Darkness

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Revenge/143174/2197627090/Chaos/embed 580 476] *Warning this article contains spoilers about this week’s episode of “Revenge,” “Chaos”* Have you picked your jaw off the floor yet? This week’s much anticipated episode of “Revenge” (“Chaos”) delivered. After months of build up, we finally saw what happened at Daniel (Josh Bowman) and Emily’s (Emily VanCamp) engagement party.  Daniel […]

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