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Ellen Swoons Over Pharrell Williams (And His Shoes), Bravo Renews ‘Blood, Sweat & Heels’ & More

The weekend’s almost here and there’s lots to dish about today! Find out why Pharrell Williams named his new CD “G I R L,” who’s the latest star to join BET”s “Being Mary Jane,” which Bravo shows are returning for a second season and what recently canceled show found a home at BET.

Mama Don’t Take No Mess: 7 TV Shows with Powerful Black Female Characters

What better way to celebrate Women’s History Month than watching a few of TV’s most powerful ladies? From “Scandal” to “The Walking Dead,” I’ve identified seven TV shows that feature sistas that handle it. Sure, they’re perfectly imperfect but aren’t we all? And guess what? All of these shows are available to watch online and most with XFINITY On Demand™.

INTERVIEW: Richard Roundtree Talks BET’s ‘Being Mary Jane’

Like most people, when I think of Richard Roundtree, the first image that comes to mind is as kick-ass detective John Shaft from the 1970s “Shaft” films. And I’m not the only one. Roundtree–who played film’s first black private eye–is often met by adoring fans who want to encapsulate him in the Blaxploitation persona. But there’s so much more to him.