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Watch: Gary Oldman Dramatically Recap ‘Jersey Shore’

Jimmy Kimmel loves talking about “Jersey Shore,” mainly because the show is just so ridiculous. But last night’s episode, which involved Snooki trying to have sex despite a UTI, was so silly that he wanted to see what it would be like if a real Oscar-nominated actor read the recap of the episode.

The Friday Buzz: ‘Daily Show’ Asks Fla. Governor to Take Drug Test and More

Florida governor Rick Scott recently signed a bill into law that would have required people on public assistance to take a drug test before getting their welfare benefits. That law made the folks at “The Daily Show” scratch their heads, so they sent Aasif Mandvi down to the Sunshine State to look into it.

On Demand in HD: Unborn

We’re sorry, but this content is not available to your web browser. Unborn Cloverfield star Odette Yustman and her underpants star in this Michael Bay produced scare flick about a… More