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The Monday Buzz: Aiken Throws Takei Under the Bus on ‘Celeb Apprentice’ and More

Over the weekend, we speculated how Clay Aiken and George Takei were going to get along in this week’s “Celebrity Apprentice” task, which was going to be managed by Takei. It turns out that Aiken couldn’t help but be a “chatterbox gossip,” as Takei described on a conference call last week.

The Monday Buzz: Gotti and Tiegs Square Off in ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Boardroom and More

It was a busy Sunday, but the show that always gets our attention when it comes back is “The Celebrity Apprentice.” It’s just too crazy for words, with B-list and worse celebs showing that they’re either tough enough to get to the end or they’re “tough in another way.” In other words, they get eaten alive.