Kerry Washington of "Scandal" (Photo: ABC)

Fall TV Preview: 5 Things to Know About Season 3 of ‘Scandal’

The Season 2 finale of “Scandal” left fans gasping and tweeting in shock: Jake (Scott Foley) was thrown in the hole, Quinn (Katie Lowes) embraced her new role as torturer, and, the biggest shocks of all, Olivia’s (Kerry Washington) affair with Fitz (Tony Gokdwyn) was leaked to the media and head of Black Ops Rowan […]

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‘Scandal’s’ Kerry Washington Relishes the Contradictions in Olivia Pope

Kerry Washington is not Olivia Pope. Both women are smart, driven, and passionate about their work. But Olivia Pope, the character Washington plays on “Scandal“, would never wear suede high heels decorated with gold zippers. They are far too flashy for conservative Washington D.C., especially for crisis manager Olivia, whose tasteful wardrobe is designed to […]

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Kerry Washington in "Scandal" (ABC/RICHARD CARTWRIGHT)

Kerry Washington ‘Burst Into Tears’ over Tonight’s ‘Scandal’ Script

The conspiracy grows bigger on Thursday night’s episode of “Scandal” as we discover in flashbacks a lot more about what happened with the rigging of the presidential election — and it turns out that Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) may not be quite the White Hat we were convinced she was in Season 1. DVR the […]

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‘No Ordinary Family’ Reunites ‘Weeds’ Buds

ABC’s ‘No Ordinary Family‘ hasn’t even premiered yet, and already it’s sparking up a mini ‘Weeds’ reunion for cast member Romany Malco. Guesting on the soon-to-premiere action-dramedy will be Guillermo Diaz, who for newly two seasons on ‘Weeds‘ played Mexican drug kingpin Guillermo. First Look, Two Takes: How Strong Is ‘No Ordinary Family’? Malco had […]

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