‘Revenge’: Penance Meets Product Placement as All Secrets Are Revealed

This week’s episode of “Revenge,”  “Penance,” was the strongest of the season, as everything hit the fan. The fan is available for purchase at your neighborhood Target, but I’m saving the discussion of this week’s product placement commercial extravaganza for the end. DVR the Next Episode of “Revenge” We open with Conrad (Henry Czerny) cutting […]

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Barry Sloane and Emily VanCamp in "Revenge" (Colleen Hayes/ABC)

‘Revenge’ Recap: Emily’s Secret Past with Aiden Revealed

This week’s episode of “Revenge” confirmed a lesson I learned as a child from “The Shining.” Nothing good can come from a maze. Also there is attempted murder by trash compactor, a very dramatic press conference, the revelation of two romantic backstories, and Nolan (Gabriel Mann) gets attacked. Yes, again. DVR the Next Episode of […]

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Madeleine Stowe in "Revenge" (ABC)

‘Revenge’ Season Premiere Recap: Two Mothers Come Back From the Dead

Here are just a few of the many delicious things about the Season 1 premiere of “Revenge“: + Every single character got a dramatic introduction — except Declan. + Emanda first appeared tied to a log underwater in Japan. + Both Jack and Nolan were shirtless in their opening shots. This show knows its audience. […]

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Revenge (ABC)

‘Revenge’ Finale: Who Died? Who Was Resurrected? Crazy Cliffhangers Abound!

How does “Revenge” cap a season that has featured a Sensei, an insane bisexual hustler, a stripper pretending to be a terrorist’s daughter, a computer genius who could teach Mark Zuckerberg how to dress, the world’s oldest dog, primetime’s most gloriously dysfunctional rich family since the Ewings, and a woman with a wig to match […]

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‘Revenge’ Finale Preview: Emily Confronts Her Father’s Killer in Epic Battle

“Intense.” “Mind-blowing.” “Insane.” These are the words that have been bandied about by the “Revenge” cast when describing Wednesday’ night’s first season finale, “Reckoning.” (ABC, 10/9c.) So just how intense, mind-blowing, and insane is it going to get? ABC has just released several new juicy clips that get to the heart of this matter faster […]

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‘Revenge’: Emily Uncovers Nolan’s Family Secret

“It is the confession, not the priest, that gives us absolution.” – Oscar Wilde This week’s episode of “Revenge” (“Absolution”), offers a doozy of an explanation for why Nolan is so willing to help Emanda take down the Graysons. Also, we get the show’s first product placement moment. Unfortunately, it’s not a for a whale […]

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