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TV to Si: Catch Up with Carrie Bradshaw on ‘The Carrie Diaries’, Who Will Save Nick on ‘Grimm’ and Weekend Wildcards

Not only are we celebrating the arrival of Friday, but I’m sure many of you are also nursing a sugar hangover from all the trick-or-treating you did last night for Halloween. Once you’re home and ready to relax, kick back in front of the TV for a laid back Friday night.

‘The White Queen’: Seductive Saga of Lust, Betrayal and Murder

Before the Tudors, there were the Plantagenets, who — despite being madder and badder than their successors — ruled the Kingdom of England for several hundred years. But when the dynasty was divided into the House of York and the House of Lancaster — each of which believed they were chosen to rule England — the battles for the throne began in earnest.