‘Parenthood’ Tearjerker: Kristina Undergoes Surgery

This week’s episode of “Parenthood” is a tearjerker. Kristina (Monica Potter) prepares for her lumpectomy. The rest of the Bravermans are determined to help her, even though their attention is more annoying than comforting. Crosby (Dax Shepard) volunteers to walk the dog and bring take out food over the night before Kristina’s surgery. On his […]

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Jason Ritter and Lauren Graham in "Parenthood" (NBC)

Does Lauren Graham Know How the ‘Parenthood’ Love Triangle Will End?

A woman torn between her gorgeous younger fiancee who treats her like a queen and her curmudgeonly older boss who often insults her does not sound like a plausible scenario, but when the boss, Hank, is played by the hilarious Ray Romano and the woman is “Parenthood’s” flighty Sarah Braverman (Lauren Graham) it is all […]

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‘Parenthood’: Kristina Tells Everyone She Has Cancer

Kristina tells the rest of the Bravermans that she has breast cancer in this week’s episode of “Parenthood.” Their reactions very from “altruism” to “freaking the hell out” to the ever popular “montage.” “South Park” was right: they really do work for every occasion. DVR the Next Episode of “Parenthood” Amber (Mae Whitman), learned that […]

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"Parenthood": Monica Potter as Kristina Braverman -- (Photo by: Danny Feld/NBC)

‘Parenthood’: Kristina Gets Shocking News!

This week’s episode of “Parenthood” is called “Left Field.” It more than lived up to its title with a shocking ending that has the potential to change the Bravermans forever. DVR the Next Episode of “Parenthood” It all starts simply enough, when Crosby (Dax Shepard) discovers that Adam (Peter Krause) and Kristina (Monica Potter) schedule […]

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Parenthood (NBC)

‘Parenthood’ Returns with New Drama for the Bravermans

It has been nine months since viewers last saw the Bravermans. When the new season of “Parenthood” premieres on September 11, almost as much time will have passed in their lives.  “There’s a five month time gap because we try to stay pretty close to where we are in the calendar year,” showrunner Jason Katims […]

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‘Parenthood’: One Wedding and a Food Fight

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Parenthood/104496/2203508850/My-Brother-s-Wedding/embed?skipTo=369 580 476] It’s the super early “Parenthood” season finale. There are more happily ever afters on this fairytale conclusion than on an entire season of “Once Upon a Time.” Why not? The show has yet to be renewed — though it is one of NBC’s highest rated dramas so its future seems secure […]

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